Our Commitment to You

1) We promise to tell you the truth about your property.  We will give you our honest assessment of what your home is worth.  We won’t mislead you about its value in order to get your listing or make you feel good.

2) We promise to disclose all our relationships in the transaction.  We don’t perform Dual Agency (representing BOTH Buyer and Seller in the same transaction), but there are other kinds of relationships that may influence our business together.  If it interferes, we will tell you that, too.

3) We promise to respect your confidences.  During the course of our working together, you may share personal, financial, and other confidential information with us.  We will not disclose this information to ANYONE, nor will we use it to gain any kind of advantage in a transaction (before, during or after the transaction).

4) We promise to give you good advice.  We deal with lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, attorneys and countless other professionals on a daily basis.  We can provide you solid recommendations about these matters, if you need them.  If we think you might be making a bad choice, we will tell you that, too.

5) We promise that you will understand what you are signing.  Any real estate deal involves a mountain of paperwork.  You will be asked to sign all kinds of documents.  We will explain them all and make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.

6) We promise to tell you the truth about ourselves.  We will provide you with information about our background, education, designations and experience as a Realtor and Managing Broker.  We won’t make any false claims.  We will discuss our fees and any other compensation we might receive as a result of our transaction.

7) We promise to follow through and follow up.  We don’t list and leave. We will discuss with you exactly how we work and what you can expect.  We will communicate regularly and you will know everything that is going on as soon as we know it.  Even after we close the transaction, we will keep in touch, to be sure you are still happy with the way things turned out.