We Don't Do Average!

What DO we want? We DON'T want an agent to come in and be "average"  If you are looking to only sell 5-8 homes a year (like the average Realtor), there are plenty of places for you. We are building a "high performing team" of skilled, experienced, knowledgable and credentialed agents.

Some agents Make Things Happen.
Some agents Watch Things Happen.
Some agents Wonder What Happened
Are you ready to Make Things Happen!

We want you to be flexible, forward-thinking and involved! You will collaborate within the brokerage and throughout the industry. We want you to find your niche, brand yourself to succeed and be a leader!

Join Ayers Realty Group and we will show you how to Make Things Happen!

What characteristics does Ayers Realty Group look for in an Agent?


  • Be open to new ideas, practices, business models
  • Commit to continuous learning
  • Share, reach out across generations, markets, etc
  • Embrace technology
  • Broaden your views of homeownership and the American Dream


  • Of consumer values, behaviors, needs, preferences and expectations
  • Of industry, market (local and national), community, and legislative/regulatory trends and issues, and their implications
  • Of trends and practices outside of real estate that could have an impact
  • Of changes in technology and where consumers go for information and resources
  • Of the data available and how to USE and INTERPRET it to your advantage


  • Engage fully at all levels to influence change and remove barriers to housing and homeownership
  • Provide for housing choice to meet consumer needs
  • Raise our visibility as a community and market expert


  • Within the industry between and among agents, brokers and industry partners
  • Outside the industry with professionals and groups from related disciplines
  • Form "Service Partnerships" to bring value to clients
  • From a position of strength, work with and add value to other service providers to share information, bring VALUE to clients and drive business results


  • Know your market, find your niche and be the expert
  • Defferentiate yourself from other Realtors and service providers
  • Clarify your value as the source of information, provide guidance, and be a consumer advocate
  • Provide the personal touch, the human element, the relationship with the consumer that others can't

If you embrace your business like we do, you will SUCCEED! Contact Rich Ayers below to start!

* The above characteristics were adapted from NAR's Rethink The Future of Real Estate Campaign! 

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