We are hiring 3 Realtors!  Ready for a welcome change?

Commission Structure, Benefits and Tools

Ayers Realty Group is a cloud-based, paperless brokerage.  We don't have a "brick & mortar" office space.  A Realtor should be working "outside" the office with their clients, not in the office.  The majority of your time should be spent talking with Sellers at their homes or Buyers at the homes they are interested in buying.

We follow the "do the right thing" philosophy.  You will always be treated with respect. You will have the freedom to run your business as you see fit.  We encourage you to brand yourself (clients hire YOU for who you are, not for which brokerage you are affiliated with) and you will have plenty of access to your Managing Broker. Our commission structure, benefits and tools enable you to be a top producer!

Commission Structure

70/30 split on purchase and sale transactions
Cap of 18k to Office, then 100% + $300 transaction fee
50/50 split on all company leads. Not subject to split.
 - fully vetted Buyer and Tenant leads
Transaction Coordinator support for all agents!

Benefits and Tools included

Docusign e-signature software integrated with EZCoordinator (back end transaction mgmt).
Placester website with IDX.
Branded Google Business App Suite (email, calendar, contacts, office suite - ie sally@ayersteam.com).
Private Facebook Group for Ayers Realty Group agents only.
Your first 250 business cards.
Errors & Omissions coverage.
One-on-One Managing Broker support
High Performing Team environment
AgentIRA Retirement Program administered by The Entrust Group.

Community Involvement

To be a Top Agent, you must be involved! We want you to blog online, write articles for your local paper and participate in local and industry Facebook Groups.  We can help you do that! We want you to BRAND yourself and stand out!

We also recommend you invest in the following.

To be productive, mobile and effectively stay in touch with your clients and prospects, we recommend:

Custom-branded signs. Visit JackPratt.com, Oakleysigns.com, or realestatesigns.com for examples.  Managing Broker must approve final sign designs.
An IPad, Android Tablet or laptop.  A Must Have!
A robust CRM of your choice.  We have tried them all and can offer suggestions.  Some of our favorites: Wise Agent, LionDesk, Contactually, RealtyJuggler, FollowUp Boss or Realvolve for the advanced agent.
Animoto.com for creating videos of yourself, your listings or your business.
BombBomb for video customer relationship management.
Listings-to-Leads for landing pages, virtual tours, single property pages and general online advertising.

Interested? I hope so! Call Rich at 630-430-5927 for a confidential interview.

Why Join Ayers Realty Group?

We are not your average real estate brokerage. We carefully interview every agent and are specifically looking for exceptional agents who are independent thinkers, entrepreneurial in nature, very tech-savvy and possess a certain set of characteristics.  We don't automatically hire you because you have a license.  Check out our commission structure, benefits and tools we employ to help you stand out from your competition. 

We are an independent real estate brokerage. We represent buyers and sellers all over Chicagoland, but mainly cover the western burbs.  We have been in business since 2005 and made our way through the roughest time in real estate unscathed.  We have grown our business tremendously despite the recent downturn and want to hire agents that feel the same way we do about the business.  As our tagline says, we want to Redefine Real Estate!  

We are a small, family-friendly firm that uses technology to its fullest! Whether it is customer relationship management, transaction management or behind the scenes brokerage management, we utilize the Cloud in everything we do. We bring our Fortune 100 business experience down to the small business level. 

We have no physical office space. You read that right.  An agent doesn't make connections (or money!) sitting in an empty office waiting for the phone to ring.  We can enable you to be MORE productive, MORE efficient and close MORE deals by working where it makes sense - with your CLIENT!

If you need to sit in an empty office, we probably aren't the right place for you.

We follow the "do the right thing" philosophy. This will be a breath of fresh air.  We encourage cooperation between agents both inside and outside of our brokerage and we encourage everyone to work together to achieve your goals.  We discourage "dual agency" as we feel there is no way to truly "represent" both sides of a transaction.

Does this sound like you? Ready to expand and take your business to the next level? Give Rich Ayers a call or email him for a confidential interview.