• Earn Icon Agent Status and Receive 16k in Company Stock

Do YOU have what it takes to be an eXp Realty ICON Agent! We can help you reach your goal!

Probably one of the most amazing aspects of eXp Realty is the Icon Agent status one can receive if you’re a Top Producer. Simply put…if you’re a Top Producer and don’t see how this program will benefit you (especially large teams and brokerage owners), then you’re not seeing the BIG PICTURE. Well, let me show it to you. How would you like to receive ALL $16,000 back in stock if you can achieve ICON status? This is IN ADDITION to being at a 100% commission!

On top of eXp Realty’s generous Compensation Plan (which your team benefits), Revenue Share you receive from your team members (which also can benefit), Stock Ownership you receive (which your team also benefits), you also can get your $16,000 you paid as your CAP back in stock!

eXp Realty ICON Agent Award Program Overview
eXp Realty celebrates all our agents while highlighting those who achieve exceptional
sales volume and operate within our core values. We recognize their business acumen,
integrity and cultural contributions by offering the opportunity to earn ICON Agent
status. ICON status is reserved for those agents who meet or exceed the minimum
production and cultural requirements during the “eXp Realty ICON year” and operate in
alignment with our core values. The eXp Realty ICON year is defined as September 1 -
August 31.

ICON Production Requirements
A single agent or domestic team is eligible for consideration for ICON status when one of
the following is met per anniversary year:
     1. eXp Realty annual cap (currently $16,000) and annual per agent transaction fee cap
(currently $5,000), OR
     2. Annual gross commission income of $500,000 or more with a minimum of ten
closed transactions and payment of an ICON Qualifying Fee equal to $5,000 less
capped transaction fees paid.

Mega ICON teams have a production requirement of $56,000 broken down by Team
Leader reaching a $16,000 cap and each team member reaching a $4,000 individual cap.
All team members must meet or exceed the $4,000 individual cap.

ICON Cultural Requirements
Community is one of our critical core values. Successful agents giving back to our agent
population feed into the proverbial “rising tides lift all boats” philosophy. Community
paired with collaboration provide a growth opportunity for every eXp Realty agent. ICONs
contribute to our agent population by actively serving in one or more of the following
areas with a minimum expectation of one hour per month.

- Cultural Service Opportunities
     - Serve as an eXpand Mentor
     - Serve as a teaching member of the Agent Faculty Program
     - Establish and serve as a host in an Aspiring ICONs Workplace group
     - Actively participate in ICONversations
     - Serve on the ICON Vetting Committee
     - Serve as an Event Service Volunteer in conjunction with our Marketing
       Department for EXPCON and The eXp Shareholder Summit 
     - Serve as a presenter for the monthly ICON Orientation class

ICON Vetting Process
ICON candidates, both new and returning, will be interviewed by a current member of the
ICON Vetting Committee the month after reaching one of the production requirements.
The purpose of the interview is to determine whether the candidate operates in
alignment with our core values. The interview notes will be posted in the ICON Interview
Trello board for committee review and approval. Once approved, candidate will be invited
to attend the monthly vetting meeting where they will be introduced and celebrated as a
new or returning eXp Realty ICON Agent.

ICON Status Benefits
 - Receive up to $16,000 ICON Agent Award*
 - Membership to the private ICON Mastermind Workplace group
 - Invitation to ICON Mastermind events
 - Inclusion in monthly ICON agent press release
 - ICON logos for marketing purposes
 - Company recognition via an announcement posted in Friday Leadership Meeting
 - Receive ICON badge in eXp World
 - ICON frame available to use in Workplace
 - Membership in the ICON Agent Directory (under development)
 - Recognition at the annual EXPCON Awards Gala
 - Invitation to ICONic Shareholder’s Summit and EXPCON events

*2019 ICON Agent Award Issuance Plan
Upon approval as an ICON Agent, ICON will be awarded $12,000 in publicly traded eXp
World Holdings common stock which vests after three years. Stock will be issued and
released as long as ICON Agent remains licensed exclusively with eXp Realty at the
three-year mark. The remaining $4,000 of company stock is split into two equal payments
of $2,000 of company stock and are earned by attending The eXp Shareholder Summit
and EXPCON after ICON status is achieved. Shares will be added to the monthly company
issue release the month following the event. These shares will be available with no vesting
period and will be issued based on attendance verification. Should ICON status be earned
by a domestic team, the attendance requirement is such that at least one member of the
domestic team has verified attendance at each event.

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