What is the Best Month to List Your House for Sale?

I am a finance geek at heart.  I love number crunching.  I spent a decade at IBM in Finance before I left to start my own brokerage so you can tell I love to analyze data.

What is the best month to list my Oswego home for sale?  I want to sell in this spring, but am not sure when to start?  I get that question a lot.  You would be surprised how EARLY the real estate market is starting now.

I went back over the last 8 years of data in our MLS and ran some data on the Oswego real estate market.  I started with the months that had the most CLOSINGS, then looked back to see when those homes went UNDER CONTRACT, and took one more step back to see when those homes were LISTED on the MLS.

The highest number of closings were homes that were originally listed in MARCH.  They went under contract in April and then closed in May/June.  (April listings were a close second).

This didn't change until 2010 however.  Looking back to before the real estate crash, Oswego homes were closing in June-August . I think we all think of that time as the "traditional" selling period - Summertime!

Let's just say "The early bird catches the worm".  Realtors and home sellers realized there was less competition earlier in the year.  Since the demand for homes was still low and the supply of homes was large, getting your home in front of prospective buyers early meant less competition.  Oswego home inventory has also dropped to its lowest level in years.  Sellers are now listing their homes when the Buyers are looking.

And that is right now!

If you are ready to list your Oswego home for sale, give Rich Ayers a call.  You can read our Seller Success Package here to learn a little about us and a lot about our Maximum Marketing Plan.

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