Hitting ICON Agent Status Is a Goal eXp Agents Strive to Hit Each Year

One of the many company incentives that eXp Realty® agents strive to attain is ICON Agent status. To be an eXp ICON means agents have achieved certain production requirements as well as represent the company’s core values in a 12-month time period.

Thousands of eXp Realty agents have achieved ICON status since the program started in 2015. Once agents achieve or exceed production requirements, they receive a number of exclusive benefits, including publicly traded eXp World Holdings stock (Nasdaq: EXPI) and invitations to ICON-only groups and at times, events where ICONs can network and learn from each other.

How Agents Can Achieve ICON Status

Once an agent joins eXp Realty, the clock begins ticking to reach the required sales production level during their capping period, which is a 12-month timeframe that may or may not be the same as an agent’s anniversary date due to potential deferments or other adjustments when an agent joins the company.

When an agent has achieved the required production requirements and has conducted themselves according to eXp’s core values, they become an ICON and  will be awarded $8,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings common stock, which vests after three years. Stock will be issued and released as long as the ICON Agent remains licensed exclusively with eXp Realty at the three-year vesting mark.

Once the agent has achieved ICON status, they enter what is called the “ICON Benefit Year.” This is a 12-month period following when an ICON has been recognized. It is here where agents are guided to participate in one of the three designated cultural opportunities.

  1. Become an eXpand mentor – The eXpand Mentoring Program is a platform where new agents will gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. An eXpand mentor provides guidance in a hands-on manner to lead the mentee through their first few transactions.
  2. Become an ICON instructor in eXp University – This is where ICONs have the ability to teach in eXp World and share their knowledge and expertise with other eXp agents so they too can achieve ICON status.
  3. Participate in ICONversations, ICON Mastermind, ICON Team Talk and/or Google Meet Panels – This is where ICONs sit on a panel and have the opportunity to learn, share, collaborate and engage with other eXp Realty ICON agents.

ICONs Have Additional Opportunities to Earn Stock Awards

eXp Realty agents have the opportunity to earn ICON status for each 12-month capping period and earn additional stock awards.

The ICON also has the ability to earn an additional $4,000 of publicly-traded eXp World Holdings common stock by satisfying the cultural commitment requirement during their ICON Benefit Year. This stock award has a two-year vest period. Stock will be issued and released as long as the ICON Agent remains licensed exclusively with eXp Realty at the two-year vesting mark.

ICONs also have the opportunity to earn $4,000 of publicly-traded eXp World Holdings company stock split into two equal payments of $2,000 by attending the eXp Shareholder Summit and EXPCON within their 12-month benefit year. There is no vesting period for the issuance of this stock.

If you’re interested in learning more, ICON agent qualification and benefit details are available on the ICON Program Overview.

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