Benefits of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Not so long ago home inspections were viewed as something that only buyers requested.  In recent years, however, inspections ordered by sellers before their home goes on the market have gained in acceptance and popularity.  

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Pre-listing inspections benefit all parties involved, and they are gaining in popularity. Here are six benefits to a pre-listing home inspection:

Time - Listing Agents and Sellers have more time to work on a repair or upgrade BEFORE the house is even listed. Sellers aren't put under the gun to complete repairs in short order and over-pay for rush services which could lead to a delayed home closing if not completed in a timely manner.

Options - Sellers can choose who they want to perform the inspection and assist in providing details of equipment maintenance, supply dates of improvements and explanations for current conditions.

Accurate pricing - A pre-listing home inspection helps the agent set the seller's price expectation and can be used to substantiate a higher asking price.

Enhanced marketing impact.  Prospective buyers are likely to find a pre-inspected home more attractive because the "what if" factor is not as great.  Their comfort level is increased.  Therefore mentioning the completion of a pre-sale inspection when marketing a home can boost interest levels of both buyers and real estate agents with qualified prospects.  It can even tip the scales in the seller's favor if buyers are looking at similar homes and the competing properties do not have the benefit of a pre-sale inspection report.

No surprises - Agents will have fewer issues to negotiate at the 11th hour, and buyers may even waive their inspection.

Greater negotiating leverage.   Having the details of current property condition is an important advantage.  Sellers discover any issues that might delay or derail the transaction and can make advance repairs, thus heading off potential price concessions sought by buyers.  Even if the seller elects not to make repairs, disclosing any defects upfront and pointing out that the price is adjusted accordingly can deflate buyer's objections.

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