5 KEY Market Factors When Selling Your Home

1) Condition - The condition of your home greatly affects the price and speed of the sale.  As prospective buyers often make purchases based on emotion, first impressions are SO important.  We want LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

The buyer of your home should walk in and say "I WANT IT!"  If they walk in and say "It needs paint", "it needs carpet", "it smells", "it's outdated", etc.  Your house WILL sell for less and it will take LONGER!

Our team will be able to help in optimizing the physical appearance of your home to maximize the buyer's perception of value!

2) Competition - Prospective buyers are going to compare your property - both the condition and the price - to other listings in and around your neighborhood.  Those buyers will determine the value based on properties that are listed, or have recently sold, in the area.  BUYERS DETERMINE VALUE.

3) Timing - Property values are affected by the current real estate market.  Because we CAN'T manipulate the market, we will collaborate on a pricing and marketing strategy that will take advantage of the first 30 days your home is listed.  It's the window of opportunity when buyers and their agents discover your property and are most likely to visit and make offers.

4) Location - Location is another one of the most important factors in determining the value of your property.

5) Terms - Terms structured to meet our objectives are important to successful marketing.

The factors within your control are: Price, Condition, Availability for Showings, and offering a Home Warranty.

The factors out of your control are: Competition, Interest Rates, Buyer's or Seller's Market, When the Perfect Buyer walks through the door.

By focusing on PRICE, CONDITION and AVAILABILITY of your home you will succeed with your home sale!

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