2 Month Plan to Sell Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home next year? The Rich Ayers Team suggests following these steps over the next 2 months to put you on target and to sell your home for top price!  START TODAY!  Getting your home ready to sell takes a little money and a little effort! Gain an edge on the competition following these steps.

Start Today!  2 Months Before Listing

If you are reading this post, you already found the right Realtor! Don’t waste your time on someone who only sells a handful of homes a year.  The Rich Ayers Team sells 8X the number of homes vs the typical Realtor (45-60 homes vs 8!). You need an experienced, educated and knowledgeable Realtor who inspires you with confidence, knows the market and gets top dollar for their client homes. 

Make a Plan: Now that you have chosen The Rich Ayers Team, you need a plan. We can provide you with a Pre-Staging Checklist that will go room-by-room and give you the kick start for all of your to-dos. This enables you to break the process down into bite-sized chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We will work with you to set priorities and then you can focus on knocking out one task at a time.

Download your "Pre-Staging CheckList" now.

Start Packing: This is where the going gets tough. It’s time to part with your stuff—but only for a little while. Take a look around and decide what you can live without until your home sells. Rent a storage unit if you have to. Just pack it up and get it out so you can make room for buyers. Here’s an added bonus: The rest of the work will be much easier with less stuff clogging your corners!

 4-6 Weeks Before Listing

Uncover Issues: Want to beat buyers to the punch list? Perform a "Pre-Sale Home Inspection". The Rich Ayers Team will PAY for this home inspection and you can use one of our trusted and experienced home inspectors! The buyer’s home inspector may still find things that need to be done. But being proactive enables you to identify potential deal breakers so you can adjust your timeline and budget accordingly. 

Tackle Repairs: With your home inspection report in hand, work with The Rich Ayers Team to prioritize the issues. It is always less expensive to repair or replace something up front than to wait for the buyer to ask for that in inspection requests. This is especially true for major fixes like a new roof, carpet or HVAC unit. You can replace carpet for 4k, but the buyer will ask for 7k! It’s a vast difference!

1 Month Before Listing

Spruce It Up: Think "Love at First Sight!" Breathe new life into your home with a fresh coat of paint, and pay close attention to curb appeal. The Rich Ayers Team can refer a reputable home stager, painter, or any general contractor to help you incorporate today’s trends. Your home is a "product" to be sold.  It really doesn’t matter what colors you like. What matters is what buyers are looking for right now.  We work with those SAME BUYERS and know what they want.  Let us help you!

1–2 Weeks Before Listing

Deep Clean: Save this step until it's time to take pictures and put the For Sale sign in your yard. You don’t want a month of muddy paw prints on your freshly cleaned carpet after spending your hard-earned cash to clean them. Got pets? Keep dogs and cats out of sight.  Remove food and water dishes and make like they don't exist.  

Depersonalize/Declutter: Remove all the baby pictures from the fridge.  Think "Model Home".  Every item in a Model Home is picked and and placed there "on purpose".  If it doesn't ADD VALUE, remove it!  "Less is More" so keep that in mind what preparing your home for showings! Take a tip from Marie Kondo on Netflix!

Head over to our Sellers Page, download our Seller Success Package and see how The Rich Ayers Team sells their clients homes faster and for more money that the market with their highly successful 21 Point Marketing Plan!

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