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Aug. 1, 2018

eXp Realty Surpasses 12,000 Real Estate Agents Across North America

We’re thrilled to announce that we now have more than 12,000 agents in the eXp Realty family!
Since the beginning of the year our agent base has grown by more than 85 percent, nearly doubling agent count.
"Our momentum at eXp Realty has continued through the first half of the year, as evidenced by the addition of nearly 6,000 agents, while adding three U.S. states and one Canadian province as we expand geographically. To gracefully manage our growing family, we have increased the number and capabilities of our agent support team and continue to develop our underlying technology framework,” said eXp World Holdings CEO, Chairman and Founder Glenn Sanford. “Every day, I am proud to collaborate alongside this all-star team of agents, brokers and staff, who are truly agile at scale as we work to build a much larger, more mature company.”

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Aug. 1, 2018

EXP agents own 15%-20% of company stock: CEO Glenn Sanford

The reasons that an agent choses a specific brokerage are myriad. Some boast their technological prowess, others name recognition, but eXp Realty offers something relatively unique: stock in the company.

Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World Holdings

“About 15 percent to 20 percent of the company is agent owned,” eXp World Holdings CEO Glenn Sanford told the crowd of attendees at Inman Connect in San Francisco during an indie brokerage summit.

Agents can earn equity in a number of ways: they receive a small amount of stock after completing their first transaction, or a small amount of stock if they attract another agent. But they can also contribute 5 percent of their commission to buy stock at a 20 percent discount.

The unique lure has paid major dividends for eXp Realty. When the company launched the program in 2013, it went from 50 percent year-over-year growth to more than 100 percent year-over-year growth.

“We wanted to make another form of compensation that nobody else had,” Sanford said. “Nobody can actually put a share of stock, generally speaking, in the agents’ hands in a large quantity. That, for us, was a differentiator.”

* excerpt from

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June 25, 2018

10 Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling Your Home


If you're looking to sell your home, you'll want to hire an amazing listing agent to help—and there are certain questions to ask a real estate agent to pinpoint the right professional for you. And it's smart to be picky! A great Realtor® can help sell your home fast, and for more money. Pick wrong, and your listing might languish, then the lowballing bargain hunters come circling—it's not pretty.

1. What are your credentials?

At the least, your agent should have a state license and belong to the local real estate trade association, because this means your agent will have access to the multiple listing service, or MLS, and can list your home far and wide. But you might want to look further and find someone who's a member of the National Association of Realtors®, which requires additional training and adherence to a code of ethics.

2. How many sales did you close last year?

While an agent's past performance doesn’t guarantee a quick sale, a track record of success can at least give you the assurance that this professional knows what she's doing. Also inquire about the price range for the homes the agent has sold, because you ideally want someone who knows what features will be valued by buyers in your income bracket.

3. Do you specialize in this neighborhood?

Having a local expert can be a huge advantage because she'll know about any upcoming developments, plus plans for stores or other amenities that might affect the value of your home.

4. How do you arrive at the listing price?

Few things are as important to a seller as the money conversation, and your agent’s ability to land on a listing price that is appropriate for the market. A home that is priced too high will languish, eventually turning off potential buyers; but a home priced too low might leave money on the table. Make sure your agent is knowledgeable about the market and what other similar homes have recently sold for to help you arrive at the right price.

5. Whom will I be working with?

You want to find out if you will be working with one specific real estate agent or a member of the agent’s team. Working with a TEAM is usually the better choice. There should always be someone there to help!

6. How much will selling my home cost?

Know upfront about the costs you’ll be paying such as broker’s commission, closing fees, and anything else so you can plan accordingly—and compare from one agent to the next.  Be sure to ask for an Estimated Net Sheet.  If the Realtor you are talking to can't do that or doesn't know what that is...RUN!

7. What is your sales plan?

An agent should have a written plan that identifies where and how she will market your home, from listing services to digital marketing to social media.

Don’t just rely on mailers or open houses.  Both are old school and ineffective. Use a Realtor who has the capability to provide professional photography, a custom website, and even video, if appropriate.

Marketing is the KEY to a successful home sale!

8. What should I do to get my house ready?

Ask our advice regarding necessary repairs or upgrades or what hacks we might suggest for budget-friendly but impactful improvements. We can also provide staging services or just recommend a good cleaning and declutter.

9. How will we communicate?

If you’re a texter and your agent prefers lengthy phone calls, that could be a problem. Likewise, you might prefer the personal touch of a call over an email. Knowing the method and frequency of communication can be important.

10. How long will the process take?

While no agent can guarantee how fast the sale itself will go, they should be able to give a ballpark range on how long it will take to sell your house. The national average is 65 days, but it depends greatly on where you live.

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June 22, 2018

What Does a Home Inspector Look For? A Whole Lot!


Hiring a home inspector to check out a house before you buy it takes time, but it can save you big money in the end. A home inspector can check for major flaws that might need to be fixed. After all, even if a house looks like it's in great condition, appearances can be deceiving.

What does a home inspector look for?

In short: a whole lot. “We’ve got 1,600 different items on our list that home inspectors are supposed to look at,” says Claude McGavic, executive director of the National Association of Home Inspectors, which trains and certifies home inspectors throughout the country.

And a home inspector's discoveries can help home buyers big-time: Provided you have a home inspection contingency in your offer, you can renegotiate with the seller to fix certain problems or to lower the price. Or, if the problem is more than you want to handle (think faulty foundation or roof on the verge of caving in), you can walk away from the deal with your deposit in hand. Either way, it’s a win-win for the buyer.

A typical home inspector checklist

Inspectors run down a checklist of potential problems. While we won't list all 1,600, here's the boiled-down version:

  • Grounds: Home inspectors are looking for current or future water issues such as standing puddles and faulty grading or downspouts. They check out landscaping to see if trees and shrubs are in good condition (an arborist will give you a more detailed assessment); and evaluate pathways, retaining walls, sheds, and railings.
  • Structure: Is the house foundation solid? Are the sides straight? Are the window and door frames square? This part of the inspection is particularly important when youre considering buying an older home.
  • Roof: The inspectors looking for defects in shingles, flashing, and fascia, all of which can cause ceiling drips; loose gutters; and defects in chimneys and skylights.
  • Exterior: The home inspector will look for siding cracks, rot, or decay; cracking or flaking masonry; cracks in stucco; dents or bowing in vinyl; blistering or flaking paint; and adequate clearing between siding and earth, which should be a minimum of 6 inches to avoid damage from moisture (although dirt can be in contact with the cement foundation).
  • Window, doors, trim: If you want to keep heat in, cold out, and energy bills low, windows and doors must be in good working condition. The inspector will see if frames are secure and without rot, caulking is solid and secure, and glass is undamaged.
  • Interior rooms: Inspectors are concerned about leaning walls that indicate faulty framing; stained ceilings that could point to water problems; adequate insulation behind the walls; and insufficient heating vents that could make a room cold and drafty.
  • Kitchen: Inspectors make sure range hood fans vent to the outside; ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection exists for electrical outlets within 6 feet of the sink; no leaks occur under the sink; and cabinet doors and drawers operate properly.
  • Bathrooms: Inspectors want to see toilets flushing, drains draining, showers spraying, and tubs securely fastened.
  • Plumbing: Inspectors are evaluating pipes, drains, water heaters, and water pressure and temperature.
  • Electrical: Inspectors will check if the visible wiring and electrical panels are in good shape, light switches work correctly, and there are enough outlets in each room.

How you can help the inspector?

Bring any and all concerns about the property to your inspector before he begins, so he'll keep a sharp lookout for possible problems. If the seller has disclosed damage, give your inspector a heads up about that, too.

Another smart move is to accompany the home inspector during his rounds. It’s in your best interest to understand the home, its systems, and potential problems. For instance, an inspector can introduce you to electrical panels and shut-off water valves (which the seller may not know how to operate or forget to show you), and if he spots a problem, he can show you exactly how a system is malfunctioning and what it means. And this info will serve you well not only before you buy, but afterward as well.

Adapted from a Article.

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June 21, 2018

Real Estate Resources

-- Mortgage Lenders --

Steven Bauer

Sr. Loan Officer

O: (630) 457-4962 | C: (630) 546-5262

Download Mobile App>>


Ridhi Raheja

Branch Manager

Cross Country Mortgage

C: 630-660-6376


Kevin Morse

Sr. Loan Consultant

Caliber Home Loans

1431 Opus PL Suite 135 Downers Grove, IL 60515

Direct: 630-730-3149

Website to: >> Apply Online


-- Home Inspectors --

Paul Smerz

Preferred Property Inspection Services, Inc.



Jeremy Meek

Discovery Inspections



Frank and Dawn Herbik

Pillar to Post Home Inspectors



-- Attorneys - Real Estate --

Michelle Chavez



Lisa Coffey



Linda Leask


-- Attorneys - Divorce --

Sara Riechert

(630) 393-3111


Jody Weis



-- Movers --

Generation Movers, Inc


Click to>> Get a Quote

- Great family business! You can hire them just for labor or for a full-service move!


M Ortiz & Sons Movers Inc.


Montgomery, IL 60538

- This is a great small family business

View their Facebook Page


Amenity Moving & Storage



Prager Moving & Storage Co.


- Full Service, cross country movers


The Professionals Moving Specialists


- Chicago area only




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May 9, 2018

Step 27 To Selling Your Home: The Final Walk Through

Couple admiring a new house.The final walk through usually occurs the night before closing or the morning of closing and is a chance for the buyer and the buyer’s Realtor to walk through the property and make sure it’s in the same condition as it was during the inspection.  Generally the walk through takes about 15 minutes and we can attend in case any problems come up. It’s best if you are completely moved out and the home has been thoroughly cleaned by the time the walk through occurs.



Here’s what the final walk through is:

  • A second chance for the buyer to make sure all of the appliances are still working
  • An opportunity to make sure you didn’t damage anything while moving out 
  • A time to make sure the property is clean
  • When we explain to the buyer what day the trash is picked up, where the parking is, etc.
  • We will do the same thing for the house that you purchase next.

    We want to make sure you see both sides of the coin.  If we walk into the house you are buying and there is damage to the drywall the washer is missing, there are garbage bags multiple rooms and one cabinet still has dishes in it....Guess what? All that is yours at closing legally and there isn't much we can do  about it.  We want to ensure you are buying a house in the same condition as when you made the offer and that all the items that are to be left per the contract are in the home.

Here is what the final walk through IS NOT:

  • It’s not a time to have the buyer’s parents, friends, etc. come look at the property or for contractors give them estimates, etc.  All of that can wait until the next day once they’ve officially bought the property.  
  • It’s not a time for the buyer to begin moving boxes or other items in to the property. That has to wait until after closing.
  • It’s not when the buyer receives the keys.  Instead, at the end of the walk through we will give the buyer’s Realtor the keys and garage door opener and the buyer’s Realtor will give those items to the buyer at the end of closing.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the final walk through.  We’re almost there!

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May 8, 2018

May is the BEST Month to Sell your Home!

According to a newly released study by ATTOM Data Solutions, selling your home in the month of May will net you an average of 5.9% above estimated market value for your home.

For the study, ATTOM performed an “analysis of 14.7 million home sales from 2011 to 2017” and found the average seller premium achieved for each month of the year. Below is a breakdown by month:

ATTOM even went a step further and broke their results down by day.

Top 5 Days to Sell:

  • June 28th – 9.1% above market
  • February 15th – 9.0% above market
  • May 31st – 8.3% above market
  • May 29th – 8.2% above market
  • June 21st – 8.1% above market

It should come as no surprise that May and June dominate as the top months to sell and that 4 of the top 5 days to sell fall in those two months. The second quarter of the year (April, May, June) is referred to as the Spring Buyers Season, when competition is fierce to find a dream home, which often leads to bidding wars.

One caveat to mention though, is that when broken down by metroATTOM noticed that while warmer climates share in the overall trend, it turns out that they have different top months for sales. The best month to get the highest price in Miami, FL, for instance, was January, and Phoenix, AZ came in with November leading the charge.

If you’re thinking of selling your home this year, the time to list is NOW! According to the National Association of Realtors, homes sold in an average of just 30 days last month! If you list now, you’ll have a really good chance to sell in May or June, setting yourself up for getting the best price!

Bottom Line

Let’s get together to discuss the market conditions in our area and get you the most exposure to the buyers who are ready and willing to buy!

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Nov. 15, 2017

Holiday Happenings in the Western Suburbs!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means Christmas and holiday events are popping up all around the Western Suburbs and Chicagoland area!  Hopefully this one stop shop list will help you create a schedule of family holiday fun!

 Winter Lights Aurora

City of Aurora's official kickoff to the holiday season offers something for everyone!  Santa & Mrs. Claus arrive during the 6:30pm parade which culminates with a fireworks display over the river.  Pop up shops, costumed characters, food trucks, live reindeer are all awaiting you and your family!

When: Friday, November 17th 

Times: 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Admission: Free

Where: Downtown Aurora, Downer Place & Stolp Ave, Aurora, IL


 Oswego Christmas Walk

Christmas Walk is a long standing tradition in Oswego!  This year's Christmas Walk sponsored by Jewel-Osco is promised to be the biggest yet!  Begin your evening watching Oswego's Christmas tree come to live at the Village Hall followed by a silent fire truck parade, inflatables, food trucks, train rides, and meetings with Santa!

When: Friday, December 1st & Saturday, December 2nd

Times: Friday, 5pm - 9pm, Saturday 8am - 11am

Admission: Free

Where: Downtown Oswego, IL Main St., and Oswego Village Hall, 100 Parkers Mill, Oswego, IL


Geneva Christmas Walk

Courthouse Square kicks off the annual Geneva Christmas Walk weekend with their tree lighting, first candy cane of the season, and the arrival of Santa!  The weekend festivities include Graham's Candy Cane Parade (Starts at 318 Coffeehouse, 318 S. Third St.) Holiday House tours (ticketed event), hot cocoa, holiday treats, and specials in most of the shops!  My suggestion is to check out the detailed PDF I've attached to review the entire schedule for the weekend.

When: Friday, December 1st

Times: 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Admission: Free (except Holiday House Tours)

Where: Begins at Courthouse Square, Downtown, Geneva, IL


 St. Charles Holiday Homecoming/Electric Christmas Parade

Holiday Homecoming has been entertaining area residents for over 17 years! Seasonal music, holiday movies, sleigh rides, live window displays, and the parade are sure to dazzle your whole family!

When: November 25th

Times: Live window displays 1:00pm - 5:00pm, Parade at 5:30

Admission: Free

Where: Main St. between 6th St. & 4th Ave. Downtown St. Charles, IL


 Little Friends Parade of Lights - Downtown Naperville 

Enjoy an evening of brightly lit floats, music, and of course Santa! I recommend claiming a good spot early for the parade and making dinner reservations for before or after the parade if you plan on eating downtown.  Maybe get some of your Christmas shopping done in the fabulous stores too!

When: December 2nd

Times: 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Admission: Free 

Where: Downtown Naperville, IL


 Christkindlmarket - 3 locations - Chicago, Naperville, & Park at Wrigley!

Three choices this year to enjoy the Christkindlmarket!  Downtown Chicago, Naper Settlement in Downtown Naperville, or the Park at Wrigley are all hosting one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season!  My family and I love the food, shopping, and overall ambiance of this very popular German Christmas market.  Beautiful authentic German ornaments, bakery, and of course the popular unique souvenir mug filled with hot Christmas wine are only a few of the wonderful things you will find at Christkindlmarket!  If you visit Naperville, you can make a whole day of fun by visiting the market first, stroll through the Naper Lights (also in Naper Settlement), and then stay for the December 2nd Little Friends Holiday Parade!  A whole day of Christmas events to kick off the season!

When: Chicago, November 17th - December 24th, Naperville November 24th - December 24th, Wrigley November 24th - December 24th

Times: Vary by location - see link above and choose location on the drop down menu

Admission: Free 

Where: Chicago - Daley Plaza, Naperville - Naper Settlement, Wrigley - Park at Wrigley See link above to choose location and get directions.


 Blackberry Farm Holiday Express Train

When my kids were little, they thoroughly enjoyed visiting Blackberry Farm during every season of the year!  The magical holiday train takes you on a ride around Lake Gregory and the farm's 3.5 miles of beautiful lights!  Storytelling, reindeer food bar, hayrides and more will entertain everyone in your family!

When: Dec. 2-3, Dec. 8-10, Dec. 15-17 (8 days only!)

Times: Fridays 5pm - 8pm, Saturdays 2pm - 6pm, and Sundays 2pm - 6pm

Admission: $5 (to avoid lines, advanced ticket purchase is recommended) 

Where: Blackberry Farm, 100 S. Barnes Rd., Aurora, IL


 Chicago Magnificent Mile Lights Parade

This is a Chicago Tradition! The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is annual even celebrated in Chicago on the weekend before Thanksgiving.  An estimated on million lights on 200 trees brighten the city's Michigan Avenue - also know as the "Mag Mile".

When: November 17

Times: Starts at 4pm. Be sure to arrive EARLY that day!

Admission: FREE! 

Where: 401 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60611

 Santa in Chicago 

If you need to find Santa, this is THE "Must Visit" website!  Malls, festivals, Santa breakfasts, pets' pictures with Santa, you name it, it's listed here!  I just thought it was a good addition to my list considering Santa is a pretty important guy at this time of the year!  After all, you want him to know how good you've been all year, right?

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Nov. 10, 2017

Best Christmas Lights in the Western Suburbs of Chicago!

Gather up the family and get in the holiday spirit by visiting some of the merriest Christmas light displays around the Western suburbs of Chicago!  Our family is a little bit Christmas crazy, and we just can’t get enough of these festive events!  Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa and enjoy!

 Aurora Festival of Lights

Presented by the Rotary Club and City of Aurora, this more than one-mile free drive through display is sure to delight all ages!

When: Day after Thanksgiving through the day after Christmas

Times: Fri & Sat 5-10pm, Sun-Thurs 5-9pm

Admission: FREE (but Rotary Club is accepting donations for local charities)

Where:  Phillips Park, 1000 Ray Moses Drive, Aurora, IL

 Holiday Lights at Mooseheart

This is a must see!  Not only do you get to enjoy the 1.8 mile lighted route with more than 80 lighted displays to view, you might also have the chance to visit with Santa and enjoy cookies & hot chocolate on certain evenings!  Please know that all admission proceeds will be directed to Mooseheart’s operation budget and provide for the high quality residential care and academic/vocational training that our children need. This includes food, clothing, shelter, books, computers and recreational activities.

When: November 24 – December 31st

Times: 5:00pm – 9:00pm 

Admission: $10 per car (yes it’s worth it, and proceeds support Mooseheart!)

Where: Mooseheart Child City & School, Inc., Mooseheart, IL 60539

The entrance to Mooseheart is on IL Route 31, two miles north of I-88 marked by a flashing yellow warning light.


 Cosley Zoo Festival of Lights & Tree Sales

Who has 20,000 lights, animals, hot chocolate, Christmas tree sales, and holiday gifts?  Cosley Zoo, that’s who!  Feel the love while walking around enjoying the displays and visiting with the animals!

When:  November 24 – December 30 

Times: Zoo Hours 9am-9pm daily, lights come on at 3:00pm

Admission: Free but donations are greatly appreciated!

Where: Cosley Zoo 1356 North Gary Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187


 Promenade Bolingbrook - Festival of Lights

Get your shopping done and enjoy 250,000 LED lights sparkling and dancing to music every night! 16 songs make each show different!

When:  November 12 - December 31

Times: Shows on the hour from 5-9pm (last show starts at 9:00)

Admission: Free

Where: 631 East Boughton Rd. Bolingbrook, IL 60440


 Holiday Magic – Brookfield Zoo

We have been members of the Brookfield Zoo for 18 years since our daughter was born!  I’m pretty sure we’ve visited Holiday Magic every year! Now she is at SIU studying Zoology! My two cents…get to the zoo by midafternoon to avoid the 4pm rush, enjoy the animals, get a bite to eat, and then be amazed at the more than 1 million twinkling LED lights, ice carvers, carolers, and much more!  We love it and I know your family will love it too!

When: Saturday and Sunday, December 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, and Tuesday-Sunday, 26-31  

Times: Zoo open 10:00am – 9:00pm, festivities begin at 4:00pm

Admission: Free for Zoo members (best deal if you will visit the zoo more than once per year)

Adults: $19.85 ($18.85 online)
Seniors 65 and Over: $14.50 ($13.50 online)
Children 3 to 11: $14.50 ($13.50 online)

Save $1 per ticket when you order online!

Tickets must be used within a 12-month period.

Where: Brookfield Zoo 8400 31st St. (1st Ave. & 31st St. Brookfield, IL)


 Lehnertz Avenue in Aurora

This is a very unique and lovely story of a residential community in Aurora. My family will be visiting for the first time this year! describes the Lehnertz Ave story as follows….After WWII soldiers returned to the US to build their homes and their families. Upon their return this community committed themselves to leave a legacy to their children that included the biblical Christmas story. This drive-through display where residents each display a part of the original Christmas story includes lights, sound and all the biblical characters: wise men, camels, shepherds, sheep and manger scene. Peanuts characters with Charlie Brown follow on Lehnertz Circle. All lighted and all free! (Lehnertz is recognized as the oldest, totally free traditional Christmas display in Illinois.) Crib Blessing scheduled 6:30 pm on the second Sunday of December. Enter Lehnertz Avenue via Sheridan Street, follow through Lehnertz Circle and exit via Ohio Street. 

When:  December 9th – January 1st

Times: 5pm – 10:30pm Daily

Admission: Free drive through event

Where: Lehnertz Ave. & Lehnertz Circle in Aurora


 Naperville Trolley & Tours – December Holiday Light Tours

This long time Naperville family owned business has been providing trolley tours for years!  The Holiday Light Tours offer multiple times and a choice of the 1 hour Southern Tour or 1 hour Northern Tour.  If you’re really feeling festive, you can go for the 2.5 hour combo tour!  The routes are not determined until Thanksgiving weekend when homes start to light up!  Trolley drivers will be out looking for the best homes to add to the tours which begin on December 1st.  Enjoy your tour and then visit downtown Naperville which is filled with restaurants, bars, and shopping!

When: December 1st – December 26th

Times: Vary – see schedule on website

Admission: $18 per person, all ages

Where: Pickup locations vary


 Larsen Lights 

Amazing! Must see this in person to get the full experience!  The Larsen's were the winners of the 2013 ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight!  Beautiful light show choreographed to a variety of music.

When: Begins 5:00pm Thanksgiving Day - January 1st

Times: 5-10:30 Mon - Thurs, 5-11:30 Fri - Sun or 11:30 (sometimes they extend the hours if it's busy)

Admission: Free

Where: 42W891 Beith Rd. Elburn, IL 60119


 Lincoln Park Zoo - ZooLights

Lincoln Park Zoo bursts into holiday splendor with lights and holiday festivities!  Photos with Santa, ice carving, musical light show, shopping, holiday treats and more!  Wonderful free family friendly event!

When:  November 24-26, December 1-3, 8-23, 26-31; January 1-7

Times: 4:30 - 9pm

Admission: Free

Where: Lincoln Park Zoo, 2001 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614


 ILLUMINATION - Tree Lights at the Morton Arboretum

View the trees of the Morton Arboretum dressed up and alive with lights!  Enjoy the one-mile walking tour stretching through the 50 acre collection of trees. Concessions and fire pits are available along the way to enjoy a snack and warm up! This event requires advance purchase tickets.  Popular dates/times sell out fast!

When: November 17th - January 1st

NOTE:  Illumination is closed on Mondays, except for January 1. It is also closed on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 23), Christmas Eve (Sunday, December 24), and Christmas Day (Monday, December 25).

Times: Vary from 4:30 - 9:30pm depending on your ticket

Admission: Ranges from $7 - $22 depending on age and whether or not you are a member of the Arboretum

Where: The Morton Arboretum, 4100 Illinois Rt. 53, Lisle, IL 60532


 Naper Lights and Christkindlmarket

I know this post is about lights, but if you're going to visit Naper Lights, you need to visit the Naperville Christkindlmarket which is also located in Naper Settlement.  Two family friendly fun events in one place! Christkindlmartket offers authentic German cuisine, shopping, and holiday desserts.  Once you have your shopping done and tummy full of warm food, stroll through the beautiful lights display presented by the Naperville Sunrise Rotary and Naper Settlement.

When: November 24th - December 23rd

Times: Thurs 4:30-7:00, Fri - Sat 4:30 - 9:00, Sun 4:30 - 6:00, Special hours Dec 18-21 4:30 - 8:00

Admission: Free but donations are accepted

Where: Naper Settlement, 523 S. Webster St., Naperville, IL 60540



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Aug. 8, 2017

Service Providers

Contractors We Highly Recommend


We are often asked for referrals for contractors. We have compiled a list of recommendations below to make your search easier!




Otto Heinz

Heinz Home Services


Mike Nogradi

Facebook Page


Mr Handyman of Naperville



Adan Custzo


Jim Roberts

DuPage Quality Home Repair




Guardian Radon and Electric

Chris Bice - Handles Radon & Electrical Work

(630) 768-9836


Trinity Electrical and Radon Mitigation Services, Inc.

Phil Solecki - Handles Radon & Electrical Work



Whiting Electric

Scott Whiting



Ideal Electrical Contractors



Cedar Rustic Fencing Co



Classic Fence Inc




Bryan Gibson



Brian Joseph Painting



Adan Custzo




Marquise Plumbers

Brad Ball



Bee Plumbing

Scott Swanson



Andersen Plumbing & Heating, Inc.




Guardian Radon and Electric

Chris Bice - Handles Radon & Electrical Work

(630) 768-9836


Trinity Electrical and Radon Mitigation Services, Inc.

Phil Solecki - Handles Radon & Electrical Work




Reliable Radon

Jim East



DuPage Radon Testing

Amy Sue Murphy




ABC Roofing

Dean Helfers



Affordable Roofing



Best of Roofing

Richard Burnoski




GEM Services HVAC

George Olcott


Fire & Ice HVAC



Air Wizards HVAC

Joliet 815-423-2080

Naperville 630-420-9914

Plainfield 815-423-5040


Pillar Air

Travis Kinley

630 336 9129


-- Basement Crack Repairs --

Reliable Basement

Vince Pane

O: (630) 777-0539 | M: (630) 777-5049


Crack Attack Team

Lisa Lundahl



-- Concrete (Patio/Pavers/etc.) --

Cementrix Concrete



K&M Concrete

Mike Williams



-- Landscaping & Lawn Care --

Jacobsen Lawn Care

Rick Jacobsen

W: 630-554-3868

C: 630-945-0477


Amy's Cutting Edge Lawn Care

Brandon Ernest



Salinas Landscaping



-- Flooring (Install) --

Jason Willwerth



-- Chimney Inspectors --

Gullickson's Chimney Cleaning

(630) 588-9858


Naperville Chimney Sweeps

(630) 357-1696


Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration

(630) 553-5995


-- Pest Inspection --

Econo-Pest and Termite Inspection

1010 Becker Ln, Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 851-3485


Orkin Pest Control

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Glasshopper Schor Glass



A Touch of Glass & Mirror

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A Mirror Image



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